International Human Rights Clinic

"In addition to advancing my international law research skills and learning how to draft carefully and precisely, I learned to analyze and synthesize different viewpoints, finding a principled and sustainable middle ground on issues that are politically contentious and much-debated.”

– Isabella Bellera ‘14

International Human Rights Clinic

The International Human Rights Clinic enables students to critically engage with cutting-edge human rights issues, strategies, tactics, institutions, and law in both domestic and international settings. Through weekly seminars, fieldwork and travel, students develop a range of practical tools and skills needed for human rights advocacy—such as fact-finding, litigation, indicators, reporting, and messaging—that integrate interdisciplinary methods and new technologies. Students also develop competencies related to managing trauma in human rights work, as well as the ethical and accountability challenges of human rights lawyering. Types of clinic projects include those that: apply a human rights framework to domestic issues; involve human rights advocacy abroad; engage with international institutions to advance human rights; and/or address human rights in U.S. foreign policy. Students work closely with local organizations, international NGOs, and U.N. human rights experts and bodies to further the promotion and protection of human rights. 

The International Human Rights Clinic is a core component of the Human Rights Program @ Duke Law.

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  • International Human Rights Clinic
    Through the seminar and fieldwork, this course critically engages with human rights issues, strategies, tactics, institutions, and law in domestic, regional, and international settings. 
  • International Human Rights Advocacy Seminar
    This course provides a foundational framework for critically assessing international human rights advocacy, its institutions, strategies, and key actors.  International Human Rights Advocacy is a pre-requisite or co-requisite for the International Human Rights Clinic.

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