Clinical and Experiential Learning

Prof. Carolyn McAllaster with studentThe Duke Legal Clinics allow students to build an experiential bridge between law school and practice. Operating collectively as a public interest law firm with eleven distinct practice areas and housed in its own wing of the law school, the Duke Legal Clinics provide students challenging opportunities to deepen their substantive legal knowledge, strengthen their lawyering skills, and build their professional identities by providing much-needed legal services to real clients.

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Clinical and Experiential Learning Courses


The Externship Program is designed to allow a student to receive academic credit for gaining legal experience beyond that available in the classroom setting, by working under the supervision of a licensed attorney in a governmental or non-profit setting. The amount of credit awarded for the field placement component of a student’s externship is based on the number of hours that the student works during the semester in the externship placement, with 1 credit awarded for every 50 hours of work, and a minimum of two credits per placement (totaling about one day per week). Travel time to and from the externship placement does not count towards the 50 hour per credit requirement. Students must work in the externship placement over the course of the entire semester unless they obtain special permission from the Externship Director.

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