3L Students

During your first two years of law school, you built a number of academic and professional qualifications and explored the varied world of professional legal practice. This year you will augment those experiences, gaining subject matter expertise and cultivating your practical skills. Many of you will spend much of your 3L year leveraging your experiences and interests into your first full-time legal job. Those of you who have already secured post-graduation employment will focus on professional development, realizing that getting your first job is only one step down a long career path.

Whether you have already accepted an offer for post-graduation employment or plan to continue your job search throughout your 3L year, the Career Center team will continue to support you throughout your time at Duke Law. Make an appointment to talk to a Career Counselor by calling 613-7031 or emailing careercenter@law.duke.edu.

Post-Graduation Career Paths

Employment Opportunities

Professional Development

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