2L Students

Now that you've finished your 1L year here at Duke, the time has come to focus on your next two years, and becoming the most adept and prepared lawyer you can be. You will spend this year honing your skills and interests through academic and extra-curricular activities, extending your personal network and navigating a vast array of professional opportunities. From letter-writing campaigns and on-campus interviews to fellowship and clerkship applications, the Career Center team is here to help you execute a job search designed to put you on the track to long-term career success. To set up an appointment, come by the Career Center (Room 2015) or email the Career Center Coordinator at careercenter@law.duke.edu.

There are three principal components to successful career preparation during law school:

  • Career Paths: Understanding the day-to-day realities of legal practice and discovering the best career path for you.
  • Employment Opportunities: Familiarizing yourself with potential employers, finding available positions and successfully applying for jobs.
  • Professional Development: Advancing your legal skills and conducting yourself professionally to secure and succeed in your chosen career.

For your convenience we compiled the resources and information below.

Career Paths

Employment Opportunities

Professional Development