1L Students

The Career Center team is committed to getting to know every Duke Law Student with the goal of offering individualized attention to each student. Starting with participation in Admitted Students events, followed by 1L Orientation and involvement in all facets of student life, the Career Center team is a fixture of the student experience at Duke. While meetings with a counselor are not "mandatory" at Duke, typically 75 percent or more of 1Ls meet with a counselor during their first few months of school. For some students, one meeting is all they want or need; others meet with a counselor almost weekly throughout their time at Duke. To set up an appointment, come by the Career Center (Room 2015) or email the Career Center Coordinator at careercenter@law.duke.edu.

There are three extremely important aspects to your tenure in law school. These are figuring out what type of law you want to practice, finding and securing employment opportunities, and being sure you represent your most professional and outstanding self. We have compiled the resources and information below for your convenience.

Career Paths
What kind of law career do you want?

Employment Opportunities
Where, and how, do you find the job and career you want?

Professional Development
Now that you have the job and career you want, be sure you know how to keep it.