• Wayne Miller

    Associate Dean for Academic Technologies and Senior Lecturing Fellow

    Phone: 919-613-7243

    Wayne manages the department, helps out where appropriate, and provides pedagogical and technological support to faculty who are engaged in using, or wondering how they might use, the technology available to them.

Media Services

  • Miguel A. Bordo

    Media Services Manager

    Phone: 919-613-8537

    In addition to his duties as manager for the Media Services team, Miguel is responsible for videotaping events at the law school and for the post production of recordings afterward. He is available to consult with law school groups on the intelligent design and development of video and audio materials, as well as on issues involving the presentation medium itself, whether tape, disk or Web.


    Jeff Chilcott

    Educational Technology & Media Analyst

    Phone: 919-613-7024

  • Deb Kinney

    Deb Kinney

    Videoconferencing Specialist and Media Coordinator

    Phone: 919-613-7126

    Deb has primary responsibility for maintaining, troubleshooting and supporting the technology in the law school classrooms, as well as for scheduling and logistics relating to media requests.

Systems and User Services

  • Rochelle Newton

    Rochelle Newton

    Senior Manager for Systems and User Services

    Phone: 919-613-7245

    Rochelle manages the systems and user services team and provides dotted line support to other groups in Academic Technologies and the Law School. 

  • Brian Abbott

    Brian Abbott

    Help Desk Support Analyst

    Phone: 919-613-3713

    Brian responds to requests by phone, voice and walk-up, and provides first-tier troubleshooting.

  • Jeff Bunting

    Jeff Bunting

    Senior Systems Analyst

    Phone: 919-613-8561


  • Dan Gitomer

    Dan Gitomer

    User Services Analyst

    Phone: 919-613-7155

    Dan provides support to end users with an emphasis on customer support, desktop and laptop technologies, and documentation.

  • Jason Grady

    Jason Grady

    Helpdesk Point of Contact

    Phone: 919-613-7050

    Jason responds to requests by phone, voice and walk-up, and provides first-tier troubleshooting.

  • Hiroki Nishiyama

    User Services Analyst

    Phone: 919-613-7219

    Hiroki provides support to end users, with an emphasis on classroom technology and event support, and as appropriate provides assistance to Media Services.

  • James Turner photo

    James Turner

    Network Analyst

    Phone: 919-613-7146


  • Jeff Saul

    Jeff L. Saul

    System Analyst

    Phone: 919-613-7215

    Jeff provides support to end users with an emphasis on customer support, desktop and laptop technologies.

Web Services

  • Michael Wright

    Web Services Manager

    Phone: 919-613-8557

    Michael leads the Web Services team. He works with law school groups to plan and implement new websites; provides leadership on web design issues; and provides leadership for our web editing and designing operation. He is also responsible for determining needs and solutions using appropriate technologies. He functions as our lead for best practices and standards.

  • Paul G Brach portrait

    Paul G. Brach

    Web Applications Developer

    Phone: 919-613-7279

    Paul G. Brach is the primary web applications developer at Duke Law School. He spends his time working on projects specific to the Duke Law community, and its various web and database needs, on dedicated secure servers and on the primary law school website.


    Paul often handles specific data needs - importing university data into database tables for further processing and availability. He also advises on web/database server configuration, version control, testing, and file system needs, including our primary content management system.


    Paul started at Duke Law in 2009. He has a Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Clarkson University with additional research in imaging science at Rochester Institute of Technology. He has over 25 years of experience in software development including Nortel, IBM, American Express, and Cisco prior to employment with Duke University.

  • Madeeha Khan

    Madeeha Khan

    User Experience Developer

    Phone: 919-613-7218

    Madeeha handles tasks relating to the webupdates queue and works with the Web Services team on page creation, design issues and other projects as needed.