William K. Slate II

Senior Lecturing Fellow

William K. Slate II is the former president and chief executive officer of the American Arbitration Association.  The AAA is the largest dispute resolution organization in the world, providing mediation, arbitration, elections and other dispute resolution services, as well as presenting education and training programs worldwide.  The Association publishes the leading scholarly journal in the field, The Dispute Resolution Journal.

Mr. Slate holds an M.B.A. from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, a J.D. from the University of Richmond Law School, and a B.A. from Wake Forest University where he was a Poteat Scholar. 

He was formerly president of the Justice Research Institute, an inter-disciplinary research and management consulting firm for courts and legal institutions which he founded.  He is the former director of the Federal Courts Study Committee, a congressionally mandated seminal study to identify problems facing federal courts in America, and reporting to the President, the Chief Justice of the United States, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives.  He practiced and taught law, and has lectured widely on law, arbitration and mediation as a visiting professor at Seton Hall Law School, at Virginia Union University and at the Consortium of Law Schools in New York City, among other colleges and universities, and before numerous state and federal bar organizations. He was the first-ever consultant to the senior staff of the Supreme Court of the United States on strategic planning.  He has also been an executive in both the Third and Fourth Federal Circuits, overseeing judicial operations in eight states and the territory of the Virgin Islands.  He has testified before committees of the Congress on issues involving judicial administration and the arbitral process, and he is admitted to practice law in the Supreme Court of the United States, the Third and Fourth Federal Circuits, and the Virginia State Courts.  During the period 1994-2012 he oversaw the filing of seven amicus curiae briefs by the AAA in the Supreme Court of the United States. 

Mr. Slate has been a featured speaker at many business, judicial, and legal conferences and colloquia worldwide. He has been honored by numerous judicial and legal entities including the 3rd and 4th Federal Circuits, The Virginia State Bar, and the University of Richmond which presented him its Outstanding Alumni Award.  The Conselho Nacional das Instituicóes de Mediacão e Arbitragem in Brazil awarded him the Honra ao Mérito.